Hey everyone, I’m sorry to say this, but I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from this blog. As you may have noticed, I really don’t update this site anymore. The biggest reason is school, which has been extremely time consuming. Another reason is that my passion for the show has changed a bit. I will keep watching the show, but I just don’t have the drive to update this blog or make graphics.

My feelings may change once things with school become a little less stressful. Who knows? Anyhoo, thanks for supporting this blog, and more importantly, for supporting the show. I’ve talked to some really great people that I hope to keep in touch with  on my personal tumblr. It was fun while it lasted. 

Take care!

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Maggie Q to attend Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo
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stolen-seconds asked: 9 favourite photos - Shane West

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Why didn’t you bring them? Hmm? Why?
—I didn’t want you to get hurt.

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Question: I noticed that Nikita‘s storylines are slowly wrapping up, which leads me to question if it’s actually doomed. Please say no! —Felipe

Ausiello: We lobbed the renewal question over to Warner Bros. TV president Peter Roth, who confessed, “I don’t know. I think it’s too soon to tell. It’s a spectacularly well-produced show. I’ve watched every episode [and] I’m flabbergasted at how good the level of production is. The cast is fantastic – Maggie Q, Lyndsy Fonseca, Shane West – they’re all amazing. The production values are brilliant. The storytelling is remarkable. [But] the ratings are somewhat challenged.” [For the record, Nikita is holding firm at “could go either way” on TVLine’s 2012 Renewal Scorecard.]


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